Map - General

The Map Tab allows you to control mapping features on the platform.

Selecting Satellite View/Map View/Terrain View will bring up those different types of map views.

Landmarks - Show/hide landmarks that were previously created in the portal.

Map Labels - Show/hide Google's default map labels.

POI Labels - Show/hide Google's default Point of Interest labels.

Clustering - Used to automatically group devices in an area. Helpful when you have many devices in an area. Putting your mouse over the clustered area - will show in a pop-up window, all vehicles within that area.

Additional features found on the user interface:

Marker Pin:

Dragging and dropping the marker pin to any area on the map, will display the Map Marker Menu.

  • LANDMARK - Creates a Landmark from where Marker Pin Was Dropped.
  • CLOSEST TO - Get The Locations/Travel Time ETA for Devices Closest to Dropped Pin.
  • CLEAR PIN -Clears The Marker Pin.
  • TYPE ADDRESS - Set The Marker Pin to a specified Address.
  • DIRECTIONS - Send Directions to a Marker Pin to any Cellphone/Email address.
  • TIME AT LOCATION - Quickly Find If/When any device has been at a specified Marker Pin Location.